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类型 Cops Custom Cars Drugs Economy Ems Jobs Lspd Serious Rp Onesync Gangs
United Kingdom
最近更新10 Jan 2022
加入日期16 Sep 2021


Raccoon Roleplay is a recently wiped server, looking for new civilians, Cops, EMS and Mechanics.

We would like to welcome new civilians to the city.
We have a variety of friendly staff team that covers all time zones which means we are always around to help out if need be.

Direct link to join: https://cfx.re/join/m39e7v
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/raccoonrp

We offer:
- 🖥 60+ FPS
- 🏎 Contract DLC.
- 👪 Multi-character system.
- 🎶 Easy voice system with radios - No third party voice system needed to join and BUILT IN radios.

- 👮‍♂️ LSPD (Police) - The LSPD has a great hierarchy to show off your skills to rise to the top. If you ever wanted to become a police officer all you need to do is to apply!
- 👩‍⚕️ EMS - If you like to help people this job is surely for you, keep the citizens safe and bring them up when needed! Once you get that 911 call that means you're needed you will surely save someone's life!
- 👨‍🔧 Mechanic - Love cars? Want to work around with cars? Then this is the job for you! Repair cars, upgrade cars, the city would love you.
- ⚔ Gangs - The Crips and The Bloods.

- 🏛 Bank Heists - Tired of working legally? Rob a bank to test your skills for a BIG outcome. Escape from the cops in this heist while keeping yourself safe!
- 💎 Jewelry Store Heist - Another way to make some money illegally!
- 💊 Drugs - With the many drugs offered. You can become the drug-lord you always wanted to be while staying on the low.
- 💵 Interactive jobs - We don't have the default ESX jobs.
- 🦌 Activities - Hunting, Pizza run, Taco run, more to come.

- 🚘 Custom Cars (50+) - We offer custom cars here so its not the boring GTA cars. We have multiple cars awaiting to be tested to be released!
- 👕 Custom clothes (100+) - Popular brands like Off white, The North Face, Adidas and Nike etc.
- 🏠 Custom housing - Your ability to decorate your house!

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