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排名3940 Random Server
网站 网站
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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
类型 Zombie Escape Zombie Biohazard Zombie Mod Zombie Plague Zombie Reloaded Zombies Zombie Riot Zm Admin Free
最近更新09 Dec 2020
加入日期09 Dec 2020


This mode is round-based, very similar to most modes. When a round has started, a player will be randomly chosen as the Origin zombie which has infinite health. The Host zombie must infect all humans to turn them into zombies (4000HP ~ 5000 HP each). All zombies must prevent the humans from reaching their final destination and infect them all. If the zombies reach the final destination first, the zombies are considered the winner and win the round. The humans must escape from the zombies and head for the escape vehicle. Any humans who are late or do not make it in time will be left behind and killed due to the bomb's explosion. In this mode, zombies that have died from headshot will not revive, however, the shooter will not get points for eliminating the zombie.
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