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版本 1.15.2
类型 Vanilla Survival Survival Vanilla Public Player Ranks Grief Prevention
United States
最近更新07 May 2020
加入日期05 May 2020


Hello, I am Sean and I run a server for CynicalTim, who makes YouTube videos. We are looking to expand our public 1.15.2 survival server. There are a few ease of life plugins, but nothing drastically game changing. I am very open to new ideas for plugins or other things pertaining to the server, as I do all of the development for the server and discord by myself. If you are interested in joing a close-knit community of people looking to play games and have fun, then you've found a server you may enjoy. 

I hope see you guys online, and if you have any questions please feel free to join our discord and send me a message. 

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