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状态 Online
最近Ping12 seconds ago
版本 1.7 1.8
类型 KitPvP Skyblock UHC Bukkit Spigot Events
United States
最近更新03 May 2020
加入日期03 May 2020

A new experience for familiar gamemodes, we have it all! Come a newly released network dedicated to providing the best possible experiences in the most unique possible ways!

* KitPvP+

This isn't your ordinary KitPvP, we have implemented features into our gamemode that you typically wouldn't see on a KitPvP server such as building, outposts, and envoys! We have many custom kits for you to come and try out, and the gamemode is far from pay-to-win. With envoyes every hour, you have the chance to use the glass blocks provided in your kits to build up towards the air balloons in the sky that hold several crates full of goodies! You will never run out of gear to choose from! We have events also that run consistently for players to participate in and win prizes from as well!

* GalacticSky

This gamemode is a unique take on a familiar gamemode known as SkyBlock. Why do we call it GalacticSky? Well, instead of islands you start off on your very own planet! (of course you will have the option to select a simple starter island if you desire to start with nothing) In this gamemode, we have many features that are seen on very few SkyBlock servers, some features even being unique to our server alone! We have pets, block stacking, spawner stacking, slaves, kits, PayPal rewards, and many cosmetic features for you to check out! This gamemode is also nowhere near pay-to-win as most SkyBlock servers nowadays are, I point this out because for some that is a big concern. You can purchase many upgrades such as /fly with in-game currency, so no need to go out and spend money!

There are many more interesting and unique things to do on our network, you'll have to come try it out to see for yourself!

We also have events that go on daily such as staff-hosted events, and UHC's. Don't hesitate to PM me for more info or join our Discord server to find out more!

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