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版本 1.15.2 1.16 1.16.1
类型 Survival Creative Skyblock MCMMO Economy Easy Hard Free Fly BungeeCord Wild
United States
最近更新29 Jun 2020
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IP: p.zuligen.com

Zuligen's Birthday is today, June 19th. We will be shooting off fireworks and giving away free stuff around 3 PM EST (12 PM (Noon) PST / 7 PM (19:00) UTC). Come join us for gifts from us!

It's hard to make an accurate description of what a player will experience on a Minecraft server, because everyone experiences things differently. So why don't you come join us and stay a while (don't just join for a few minutes) and see what happens. I'm sure you will like the Zuligen experience on Survival, Creative, Skyblock, or our Events / Minigames server!

Zuligen is a friendly Minecraft server, with fun community driven ideas where anyone can suggest new features and ideas. You are able to connect to our server using 1.15.2, 1.16 or 1.16.1


- Chat is linked between all game modes for easy communication and /msg’s
- The tablist is linked across all game modes so you know who is online
- Ranks sync across all game modes
- All game modes are all using 1.15.2 but you can still connect with newer versions
- Chat is linked to a discord channel so you can talk to people while out on the go
- Custom server builds (we dont download builds or worlds from the internet and make everything custom)


- Website: http://mc.zuligen.com/
- Sub-Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zuligen_Network/
- Discord: http://www.zuligen.com/mc/discord
- IP: p.zuligen.com
- Our statistics: http://www.zuligen.com/mc/statistics/
- Staff application: http://www.zuligen.com/mc/staff_requirements/
- Instagram: @ZuligenMC - https://www.instagram.com/zuligenmc/


The reason we have all of these gamemodes is that our players requested them. We have chat and the tablist connected between all game modes to keep the community together.


- Easy and / or Hard difficulties for you to choose to play on
- Shops at the spawn of each difficulty
- Limited homes so you can teleport, just not everywhere
- Land protection so you don't need to deal with annoying griefers
- McMMO so you can hone your skills and get rewarded
- Jobs for earning money and leveling skills
- Money can be earned from many sources


- Massive 150 x 150 plots
- Limited WorldEdit access for all members (donors get more access because worldedit stresses the server)
- Custom heads that can be used to decorate any build
- Custom armor stands
- Some awesome builds that you can explore


- 3 types of islands to choose from (2 are custom and one is the original L shaped skyblock island)
- Shops at the spawn for common items like cobblestone and various foods
- Custom cobblestone generator so you at least have the slight possibility to get ores (most blocks are still cobblestone)
- Quick leaf breaking so you don't need to wait a year to get your first saplings
- Phantoms are disabled for this gamemode but membranes can be bought in the shop


- Current event: TBA (probably a firework show for Zuligen’s B-day)
- There will be other events and minigames hosted in the future

All official server builds are custom built by members of our community:

(we don't download cookie cutter builds from external websites)
- Creative Spawn: Esper_Osis
- Hub spawn: stw222, kaasudo, ruinstar, UpstartN00b13
- Easy Survival Spawn: Inkwork, stw222, Kaasudo, kasigi
- Hard Survival Spawn: stw222, kaasudo, LadyEllesmere, KnightWalker49 (MIA)
- Skyblock Spawn: Ruinstar, stw222, LadyEllesmere, Kaasudo
- Other staff members that have helped: YumiOkami, TechuntrTM, JeBoiiJeppe, Mybunchaboys

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Change Logs
07 Apr 2020

➔ The Afk suffix in the tablist should now work if you are on Pixelmon
➔ /msg now shows your messager's rank
➔ Nicknames are now synced between servers. If you had a nickname on Survival, and another gamemode, the one from Survival took priority
Nicknames can be used by donors and staff http://www.zuligen.com/donors
➔ The Easy and Hard survival Ends will be reset soon. Check #announcements on our discord for information
➔ Warps on the 1.15 modes now appear as a GUI where you can click on an icon

24 Apr 2020

➔ There is a new plugin on the hub that adds a few items to your hotbar

➔ Tablist sorting now goes like this:

first, it checks if you are afk or not.

If you are, it puts you at the bottom of the tablsitthen it checks what gamemode you are on, those are in this order from top to bottom:

Hub, Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Events

then it checks your rank (if 2 people are on the same server and one isnt afk)and then if all of that is the same between 2 people, it orders you by name

➔ Our first Event on the new event server is now available. Check #event-announcements on our discord for more information

➔ When a gamemode is restarted (not the entire server), you will be sent back to the hub instead of being kicked

➔ We have a new warp GUI for survival when using /warp other gamemodes will come soon

➔ Skyblock has the new warps GUI➔ Creative also has it.any suggestions as to other GUIs i could make? put them in #server-ideas on our discord

22 May 2020

➔ Started Build Competition 2
➔ fixed a problem where it would rain in the Events server during the build competition
➔ Removed tajlesnea from #notifications-opt-in
➔ Moved the tajlesnea channels to the old channels catagory at the bottom of the list.
➔ Added a new phantom plugin to @Survival so that phantoms should instantly despawn when you right click a bed

30 May 2020

➔ Created the new #donation-goals channel on discord so it is separate from the #donor-descriptions channel
➔ The #info channel has been redesigned so that it is more organized
➔ Tickets should now be fixed. The bot wasn't recognizing the ticket command before the command message was deleted

➔ Ranks should auto sync to the website if you buy or earn a different rank.
➔ on creative, worldedit was switched out for Fast Async Worldedit and Fast Async Voxel Sniper
Currently, only architect has access to FAVS
FAWE commands: https://github.com/IntellectualSites/FastAsyncWorldEdit/wiki/Main-Commands-and-Permissions
FAVS commands: https://github.com/IntellectualSites/FastAsyncVoxelSniper/blob/master/src/main/resources/plugin.yml
➔ updated our custom ore generator plugin on skyblock. it should work slightly better now in specific cases where it wouldnt generate ores

➔ I updated the main server software for all of the gamemodes yesterday
➔ also, i fixed an issue where some punishments showed up as unknown on our website: http://www.zuligen.com/infractions/
➔ ive updated Fast Async Worldedit on Creative to fix some copy/paste issuses which they seem to have a decent amount of, but they get fixed quickly
➔ The text that appears when you right click the book on the hub now has more information and it is formatted better

➔ Started Build Competition 2
➔ fixed a problem where it would rain in the Events server during the build competition
➔ Removed tajlesnea from #notifications-opt-in
➔ Moved the tajlesnea channels to the old channels catagory at the bottom of the list.
➔ Added a new phantom plugin to @Survival so that phantoms should instantly despawn when you right click a bed

➔ On Survival, you can now use /shop that will open a menu for you to easily go to the shops
➔ The /shop command can also be used on skyblock to instantly take you to the shop

There is now a new thing that you can win in vote crates on Survival and Skyblock

If you are someone, like me or tech, sometimes you finish or get mid way through building something, and then realize you've built it in the wrong spot. With this winnable reward, you can have an admin move one (per voucher) of your builds to a new location using the mystical powers of World Edit

There is also the option to buy a one time use voucher for this service on our donor store

➔ Added a new plugin that allows you to store xp by punching (not right clicking) an anvil while you have a bottle in your hand
You can also shift left click to convert 8 bottles at a time
the conversion process is not free and it will cost 1/15th of the xp in a bottle whenever you break the bottle later on.
If there are any problems with it, please let me know!

here is a video of me showing this process: https://youtu.be/YfzwJDog5RM

03 Jun 2020

➔ Our Heads plugin should now be fixed (the /heads command)
➔ To clean up the discord a little bit i removed the general minecraft catagory.
#minechat and #staff-application was moved to the general text catagory while the voice channels were moved below the normal voice channels
➔ /rules was updated to include some stuff you can do at the bottom. stuff that people ask about a bunch when they join

29 Jun 2020

➔ I am working on a wiki for the server. The link isnt public currently, but it will be eventually since i cant edit the entire thing on my own and would like for people to help, even if you only help a little bit
It seems like the best option to give people information they want, as long as we can organize the wiki well
➔ I updated our plots plugin.
changes for it can be found here: https://wiki.intellectualsites.com/plotsquared/changelog/5-12-0
➔ If you want to join the server using 1.16 or 1.16.1, you can now do that.
We still only have the features of 1.15.2, despite allowing 1.16 clients to connect

➔ We upgraded to a new claims plugin made by the same developer
Money will now be taken directly from your player for claim expansions
use /sellclaimblocks to turn your pre-existing claim blocks into cash. claim blocks are no longer bought with money and then used, it is one transacton where you dont need to use a seperate command.

Also, 1.16.1 progress seems to be coming along well for most plugins

We are looking for someone who is looking to learn new skills and are dedicated to games and servers they play on

What is the server IP for Zuligen?

The IP address of Zuligen Minecraft server is p.zuligen.com

How to join Zuligen server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text p.zuligen.com on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on Zuligen.

What version does Zuligen use?

Zuligen server supports Minecraft game version: 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.16.1, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is Zuligen located?

The Zuligen server is currently hosted in United States.