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状态 Online
最近Ping4 minutes 33 seconds ago
版本 1.16.4
类型 Survival Vanilla Whitelist Casual Datapacks Friendly Friendly staff No pvp pve Trading
United States
最近更新22 Dec 2020
加入日期06 Feb 2020

服务器 信息 is a whitelisted, age 13+, friendly semi-vanilla survival server with the goal of long term players and projects in a survival world. Make friends and join a player community or set off on your own adventure. You are free to play how you want with little staff interference. We have a very active and co-operative community. Griefing, hacking and unwanted player killing are not permitted. The server utilizes Coreprotect to roll back only an offending players actions without disrupting the entire server. We plan to update to major releases when stable without world reset if possible. This server and map have been up since February 2020 without reset. Whitelist information can be found on our Discord. List of features: - DynMap available - Discord cross chat - hard difficulty - get a notification before your tools break - wandering traders are more useful - player heads drop - chat features, local chat, ignore, colors, formatting - single player sleep - /slime? to find slime chunks - safe player trading with /trade playername - anti-cheat and anti-Xray

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