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版本 1.8.8 1.16.1
类型 Skyblock Survival bedwars Events UHC Battle Royale
最近更新06 Jul 2020
加入日期17 Feb 2019


⌬ Taggernation Season 5 ⌬
Changelog: 05/07/2020

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Brand new Earth SMP Map (1:950 scaled)
⊷ First time in Indian SMP history!
⊷ Custom generated terrain.
⊷ 25k x 45k Blocks wide world.
⊷ Go and Discover the Earth in Minecraft.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ New Cyberpunk themed Spawn
⊷ A big A$$ Cyberpunk themed Spaceship hovering over Mumbai, India.
⊷ Build with brand new robust nether materials.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Industrial District warp
⊷ you are only allowed to make your farms in industrial district and other dimensions other than overworld.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Vizag Warp
⊷ The only end portal in whole world you can find at Vizag (Vishakhapatnam, India).
⊷ Cyberpunk themed end portal made up of robust crying obsidian and Netherite.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Gate to Hell Warp
⊷ A Mega Nether portal which is The Darvaza gas crater based in Afghanistan.
⊷ Changed biome from Desert to Crimson Valley.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Hotbar Tool
⊷ A new GUI tool permanently binded to your 9th slot of hotbar.
⊷ Added portable crafting table.
⊷ It has shortcut to warps and hub.
ᗍ we will adding more features in it based on the community response.
ᗍ /voteall shortcut coming soon.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Added Donator and Supporter rank
⊷ Check Our wiki for more information.
⊷ https://taggernation.com/forums/#wiki.17

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Changed some rewards
⊷ You will get 500 claim blocks and 1000 in game currency by default.
⊷ Every vote will give you 50 claim blocks and 100 in game currency.

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What is the server IP for Taggernation?

The IP address of Taggernation Minecraft server is play.taggernation.com

How to join Taggernation server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text play.taggernation.com on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on Taggernation.

What version does Taggernation use?

Taggernation server supports Minecraft game version: 1.8.8, 1.16.1, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is Taggernation located?

The Taggernation server is currently hosted in India.