Double warcraft

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Version 3.5.5a
Last Update25 Oct 2023
Join Date18 Sep 2023


Double warcraft

Unique Dual Book System: Create one-of-a-kind characters by acquiring abilities that transcend class boundaries, allowing for endless customization.


Exciting Hardcore Challenge: The upcoming hardcore challenge is set to push your skills and strategy to the limit, delivering a truly exhilarating experience.


Fair and Balanced Pay-to-Progress Model: Enjoy an in-game progression system that ensures fairness and avoids pay-to-win scenarios.


VIP Club Membership: Unlock exclusive benefits by joining the VIP club, enhancing your journey through Azeroth.


Engaging Voting Points Rewards: Earn Voting Points every day by casting your votes and enjoy rewards that amplify your in-game experience.


With Double-Warcraft, the adventure is limitless, the challenges are boundless, and the community is welcoming. Now, it's your turn to become a part of this vibrant world.


Join Us Today:

Visit the Double-Warcraft website at and join our Discord community to connect with fellow adventurers. Follow the registration and client download instructions on the website to get started on your journey.