Sirius WoW - I85 PvP

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Version 4.3.4
Type All Professions Arenas Battlegrounds Custom Scripts Events Donate Reward Instant 85 Professional Staff Transmogrifier Voting Rewards
Location Germany
Last Update12 May 2023
Join Date18 Apr 2023


Welcome to Sirius WoW

If you're here, it's because you're a heavy PvP player, and, that's great, because so are we. For us, everything is based on battle, and there's nothing more fun than spending countless hours doing BGs, Arenas and Duels.

Read below to know more about our realm:

  • Starter Gear: Vicious S9 Elite Gear, with free enchants and gems, along with free glyphs and training to all players.
  • Mounts: Basic mounts are free, while more advanced ones can be purchased with honor or conquest points / vote points, or donation points.
  • Arena Seasons: We host Arena Seasons with cash prizes.
  • Professions: Dedicated profession mall, with instant professions and free materials.
  • Gurubashi Arena: As we've said, we love PvP. Gurubashi Arena is the best place for a FFA PvP.
  • Racial Trait Swift: Switch Racials to any race that you prefer! 

We also have customized systems for Transmogrification, Titles and Legenday Weapons.

We hope you'll join us and experience all the excitement we have to offer!