Raiden-WoW 3.3.5

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Version 3.3.5a
Type Blizzlike Friendly Staff Crossfaction Custom Content NPC Bots 3X
United States
Last Update25 Sep 2022
Join Date04 Apr 2022


Raiden-WoW 3.3.5

Welcome to Raiden-WoW. Raiden-wow is branching out from other games to WoW and we want you to join us!

Our server is a lower-rate casual experience with the goal to have a good time and enjoy the game with the community.

Reset for Daily: 2AM CST
Reset for Weekly: Thursday at 2AM CST
Double XP: Friday - Sunday
Kill XP Rates: 4x
Quests Rate: 5x
Gold Drop: 5x
Drop Rates: 2x
Talent Points: 2x

-NPC Bots to assist you with Leveling, PvP, Dungeons and Raids.
("Lagretta" can be found in all major citys as a way to purchase bots, Purchase price is scaled to level 80)
(These bots will Sync To your Level and stay with you until you have been offline for 2 days)
(Max of '4' Bots can be used at a time and will reduce XP gain by 8% after the first bot)

-PvP: Flagged-
-Professions: 4 Primary Professions at a time-
-Faction Party/Guild Friendly-
-Starting Gold / Bags-
-AH Bot with up to 18,500 Generated Items-
-All Flight Paths Learned-
-All Map Discoverd-
-Item Stacks of 20 increased to 50-
-Revive Sickness Starts at Lv. 41-