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Rank32 Random Server
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Version 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5
Type Blizzlike Crossfaction Battlegrounds Arenas BG Rating Custom Raids Custom Dungeons Donate Reward Voting Rewards High Rates
Last Update13 Jan 2021
Join Date14 Dec 2020


Best Wotlk server, made for players, very comfortable to play here! Auto balance will let you complete solo dungeons and raids without party! IndividualXP will let you pick up which xp rate you prefer the most! All player's will get free heirloom items at stating zones! Reward system, grants player a random amount of gold for every 2 hours of played time! Global chat, letting players to speak with each other globaly! Premium system for those who want much more easier gameplay! All dungeons and raids are scripted, everything is working as it should, all Arenas and Battlegrounds activated and ready! Don't skip this server, just try it out and you won't regret!