PlayTBC 2.4.3

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Version 2.4.3
Type Battlegrounds Crossfaction Dungeons Mid Rates No Donor No Donate Scripted Instances
United Kingdom
Last Update18 Oct 2020
Join Date03 Sep 2020


PlayTBC 2.4.3 is a brand new private server based on the oregoncore project 

We have implemented some features to help players and bring some unique features to the server such as


Custom Features

1. Crossfaction battlegrounds

- Players can now fight for the opposite Team if the battleground is unbalanced. 

2.Custom Guild house

- Guild masters may spawn creatures / objects within their guildhouse and anyone who is in the guild will be able to visit all creatures and objects can be spawned at the price of gold.

3.World chat

- Players from both factions will be able to communicate across the world via a custom command and would not require a channel to join

4. Localised chat

- Players will be able to chat to players within their own language via a command (this requires both parties to have the same language client)

5. Solo Dungeon (Temp)

- This feature is temp until more players will join the server this will allow players to try complete instances.

6. Phased Dueling

- Players who duel each other will be phased so other players will not be able to see. 



Experience: Dynamic - Depending on Level (Max x15)

Drops: x10

Reputation: x5

Honor: x5