UO New Beginnings

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Website uonewbeginnings.com
Discord Discord 26
Version Endless Journey Stygian Abyss
Type Custom pvp pvm Rpg
Location United States
Last Update16 Mar 2021
Join Date19 Jul 2020


UO New Beginnings

1400 Total Skill Cap
305 Total Stat Cap

Running on a beefed-up bare-metal Dedicated Server through OVH, we thrive at making sure your game never has any issues with lag or server downtimes!

We have custom AI's with pets that aid you in battle, custom champ spawns with great drops, Solo bosses with custom item drops, and also drops Sovereigns for Donation Vendor and UO Store!
Our community is one of the best out there, ready to help anyone coming into the game for the first time, or returning from a break! We listen to our community and try to make the game how they want it to be!

We have a very well-rounded and very nice enhanced crafting system with enhanced imbue as well. Custom Reward Points so you do not just have to grind out BODS to get your runics and other items! We have added in new runics for carpentry and fletching and you can even get all your crafting skills up to 120 and imbue up to 140!
This is still a very new server and we are excited to have you join us and make yourself at home with UO New Beginnings! 

With only myself and my co-owner GM Ron, we are and forever will be the only GM's on this server so we keep everything very personal with YOUR server :)

Change Logs
15 Aug 2020

*Added new craftables to the inscription skill

14 Nov 2020

After the relaunch on 11/07/2020 Items have been added

Crafters can now craft items such as Pet Leash, Shrinking and bonding Potions among many other items.

Added Master loot system and universal storage keys.

Lots of items were added to the webstore to help support the server.

Custom-built training room.

30x30 plots are now available for purchase!

Custom monsters added.

Best community ever!

14 Nov 2020


*For character creation a 50k check to start and yard deco system. 

*Excellent changes have been made to the Vet system for great items! New Vet Rewards come every 10 days!!