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Version Renaissance
Type Pvm Pvp Rpg Pve Custom
United States
Last Update25 Oct 2022
Join Date08 Sep 2019


The Ultimate Old School Server!
1. Master Crafter.....Craft...YES...CRAFT Power Scrolls or do Champ Spawns. Craft Vanq weapons and bows.
2. Poison arrows with your poisoner.
3. Bounty Hunters get a reward every time you kill a red.
4.Felucca is dedicated to RP. Horse Mounts only.
5.New Faction system with RP involved.
6.New "Game of Thrones", take and keep the castle for a daily reward. Much more! A continuous battle to defend your castle and keep the throne!
7.Trammel is set to Felucca Rules, so traveler beware!
8.In Trammel alone there are 18 regular dungeons plus many other dungeons added.
9.A Valorite coin reward system which the Felucca RP is part of.
10.Lots of Bosses added. All mounts including the newest ones, but adjusted to UO:R era.
11.Many games, with CTF automated. SIMPLE....FUN....UO:R....NOTHING FANCY....NO UBER STUFF! CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE!