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Sıralama946 Random Server
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Sürüm Season 6
Tür S6 mechanics S15 content Hard x1 x2 mob strenght
Son Güncelleme16 Aug 2020
Katılım Tarihi12 Sep 2019


Hello Adventurer!

We would like to invite you to join HardcoreMU. I hope you will join us on this epic adventure!
What is this server and what is so special about it you ask?
Well, let me first explain who we are and the reasons behind this server.

We are a team of MU veterans that enjoy hard servers. If you found us - you are more then likely the same as us. We enjoy a hard game that rewards you for your effort and time spent, where even a simple excellent drop feels special, where if you want to be the "Alpha Dog" you need to actually know how to play the game and not just pull out your credit card. Don't get me wrong - donations are welcome and are critical for the server but it is not a priority. We are not here to earn money, we have jobs for that! The money generated by donations will be spent purely on server improvement and advertising to bring a big crowd of like-minded players, just like you and me. We all agreed that the items that can be purchased should be more of a convenience to the player than a necessity to be competitive.
After the last server we played, we were not able to find a server which would be truly hard and rewarding so we decided to make our own.

Server Beta Stage - August 1st - 15th

Planned events during the beta are:

Level Race - the top 5 People ( not accounts) That will reach the highest levels will receive 1 Vip pet (30 Day) on the new server.
Leveling event - Every person (not account) who reaches level 200 in the open beta will receive a Pendant+mana (30 Day). THIS IS IMPORTANT: Tthe server is set up to be PAINFULLY hard. so this mana pendant will be a lifesaver. Trust me! Don't miss this opportunity
Double Wcoin promotion. Every donation done during the open Beta will be transferred to the Open Server.
The open beta will run for 2 weeks and THE GRAND OPENING is on August 15th.


Server Opening - August 15th


Season 6.15 Yes, You read it right!
Season 6 Mechanics - Season 15 content!
No Elemental bull Sh#t!
No Pentagrams!
Super Low Rates
All monster Strenght x2!!!!!


Available Classes :
Dark Knight 
Dark Wizard
Muse Elf
Dark Lord
Magic Gladiator
Rage Fighter