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A close-knit community promoting a positive environment for playing regardless of skill.

Join us at discord with invite code: https://discord.com/invite/WQ6pebd8M8


Schedule :

Wiped every Thursday @ 2:00 PM EST ( Blueprints & Map )

Restarted every day @ 6:00 AM EST

Server Info :

✔️ 2x Gather Rates. ( Sulfur and Wood are 2.5x )

✔️ 2x Scrap from containers.

✔️ 2x Minicopter seats.

✔️ 2x Stacking sizes.


✔️ Crafting / Smelting times reduced by half. ( Except raiding supplies )

✔️ Clans share blueprints. ( Type /clanhelp for more info! )

✔️ All Workbench Level 1 blueprints unlocked by default.

✔️ Brighter nights to help players roam.

✔️ Workbench crafting is available throughout your entire base.

✔️ No pay to win kits, only fair starter / daily kits for everyone.