RustySights 3x

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Tür Raidable Bases Modded PVP Active Admins Skins Kits RP Store NPCs Monthly
United States
Son Güncelleme02 Jul 2021
Katılım Tarihi20 May 2021


RustySights 3X | PVP | Raidable Bases | Custom NPCs | Kits | RP Store | Monthly | No BP or RP Wipe

  • 3x materials gathering with custom loot tables for better items, 15x Scrap collections 
  • Raidable Bases Premium Tier 3!
  • Custom NPCs and bosses roaming the map and monuments for more immersive PVE
  • Everyone spawns with clothing, a revolver, bow, ammo/arrows, tools, and food 
  • 24hr Combat Kits available using /kit
  • Collect RP by gathering & PVP/PVE to purchase items using /s
  • Workshop skins available using /skin
  • Purchase and spawn vehicles with scrap using /license
  • Place images on signs/frames using /sil
  • Giveaways in-game and on Discord!
  • Quicksmelt, backpacks, shorter & clear nights, no fog, and many more cool mods!
  • Monthly wipe with no BP or RP wipe
  • Patrons receive a monthly RP bonus! 
  • Active non-playing Admins and fast support

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Patreon subscriptions for monthly RP bonuses available at

$10 - Bronze Sponsor - 150,000 RP
$20 - Silver Sponsor - 350,000 RP
$50 - Gold Sponsor - 1,000,000 RP