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Biweekly Wipe's
Bp's Wipe With FP Updates

Rocket Rust Is x10 We Are Also An EU Server, While Still Retaining That Familiar Vanilla Feeling. Our Goal Is To Provide A Semi-Vanilla Experience While Still Making The Game A Bit More Enjoyable.
Rare Events: Rustanic, HeliRefuel, PlaneCrash, PilotEject, Airtroopers, MetorStorm, Juggernaut, NPc Raidable Base's.

We Use Plugins Such As (But Not Limited To)

★Lifts & Draw Bridges
★ SkinBox
★ Sliding Doors
★ Slot Machines
★ Craftable Home Recycler
★ Auto Player Tracking Spotlights (RustNet)
★ Stack Chests On Other Chests
★ Clans/Friends/Teams Share TCs/Traps/FriendlyFire
★ Recycler Speed +
★ Loot ++
★ Extra Gather Rates Near Friends/Team
★ Picture Artist
★ Outpost & Bandit & Home Teleport
★ Quick Smelt And Furnace Splitter
★ Gather Rates Increase With Zlvls
★ Autodoors
★ Autolock
★ 1mil Stack Size For Building Materials
★ Building Grades
★ Trade
★ Remover Tool
★ ZLevels (Gather,Mine,Skin,Woodcutt,Craft)
★ Scope/Crosshairs
★ Hit Markers
And Much Much More

No Cheating Or Glitching
No Group/Team Limit