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RustRD – Quality gameplay without a toxic community.


RustRD has been in the scene since 2013, We are a community based on solely on Rust. The game related specifically to the feelings of “I hate this game but i'm going to keep playing it” or “My girlfriend is out in the car waiting for me but i'm getting raided”. RustRD has always been dedicated to making friends.

Since our initial release of RustRD we have had our ups and downs, Changes made to rust slowly caused our player base to wilt away. We are bringing back the community and we are aiming to be the best NOT the largest. Our focus is on a real community that thrives on positive attitude of players. Non abusive administration and a great player base with a wonderful atmosphere. Were not a bunch of hard asses. We have humor. We have fun. Enough about the community onto the server.

Just a few of the things you will see on our NEW zombie themed server:

Zombie hordes roaming about the zone. You will find it safe in the day time, slightly lower resource gathering rates during the day, But at night... Oh man... Zombie hordes running rampant, resource collection pumped to the hilt. Attack helicopters scouring the skys to assist with the horde.

Helicopters dropping air strikes to kill the infected. They no longer target players, They are on your side to help neutralize the infected!

While gather rates during the day are less than the night, they are still modified to provide a pleasant experience, we never want players to feel like they are grinding their pathetic life away...

You start on the server with some basic tools , No need to scrape bark off trees to make shitty tools. You start with some RustRD themed clothes on your back, and you're given a starter kit when you feel the time is ready to settle down.

There is a significant amount of in house development which has been unaccounted for in this post that development is what makes RustRD unique. Unique modifications that no other server has.

If you would like more information personally message me on Discord @ Morpheus#0606

Just search RustRD in the modded section, you'll find us!

You can also join our discord directly by heading over to

We hope to see you on RustRD.

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