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It features a 5x gather rate for all resources and component drops. Other than that the loot table is Vanilla based.

It runs 4 different types of custom events:

Paratroopers Event:

A group of armed Cobalt scientists parachute onto the island at random intervals looking to kill players.

Dangerous Treasures Event:

A loot crate spawns in the wilderness somewhere and is guarded by a group of Cobalt Scientists who will give chase if you come near them to try and kill you. Kill them all to loot the crate for the treasures inside.

Hijacked Cargo Ship Event:

A cargo ship is hijacked and is on a crash course for a random iceberg. Get to it to loot the hackable crates before it crashes and starts to sink. When it crashes scientists unload crates onto the iceberg in an effort to save the cargo. Kill the scientists to get to the cargo.

Heli Refuel Event:

During it's routine patrol the helicopter needs to land at a random monument to refuel. While doing so the scientists on board get out to protect the cargo and helicopter. Kill them to loot the heli.

It also has all the normal events associated with rust plus a tonne of other plugins for example:

Teleporting, economics, rewards shop, skinbox with every official skin in the game updated everytime a new set of skins is released. Backpacks for extra storage, upgrade your building as you go with BGrade, Clans, Clear Nights, Kits, loot bouncer to prevent half empty crates being left, moveable cctv cameras, custom player ranks and leaderboards, remove tool. Rust Alerts integration so you can get mobile push notifications on your mobile device outside of the game. Custom searchlights plugin that tracks heli's and unauthorized players in range at night. Trade system for safe trading between players without having to meet.

If this all sounds good come take a look:

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