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Tür 2x Anti Cheat Bgrades Better loot Kits Skins Trade Raid
United States
Son Güncelleme08 Mar 2020
Katılım Tarihi08 Mar 2020


Welcome to the Rusty Gun!

Server Information and Features:
- Weekly base wipe every Friday, Biweekly BP wipe on every other Friday.
- 24/7 uptime with a 3rd Party Server and DDOS protection with a custom AntiCheat.
- Popular and custom plugins are implemented, updated, and consistently worked on to improve your time here in our server.n- Active Admins and routine server updates and management. Plugins such as Trade, InstantCraft, BetterLoot, TPR, QuickSmelt, Infinite Lanterns, Backpacks, Kits, and Skins.
- Skins! We have well over 150 popular workshop skins added for various items. Free to use for everybody.

Again, welcome to the Rusty Gun, come check us out and have some fun.

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