Aster 718 1 RSPS

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Sürüm 718
Tür 120 capes 40 Bosses Achievements Active staff Boss Pets bounty hunter Gwd2 Telos Skilling Contracts Reaper Contracts
Konum United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme28 Sep 2022
Katılım Tarihi28 Sep 2022


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- Aster 718 #1 RS3 The Best RSPS Experience.


Aster is a private server based on the 2012 era of runescape with a modified cache introducing flawless gameplay, and content. Be it PvP, PvM or HC, SeptoX has an extremely wide array of content to suit your gameplay style, the main idea is to never allow our players get bored. Our developers have a lot of experience and this project has been developed for a solid 5 years.

We are a private server of RuneScape 718 protocol revision build it's the last revision build of RuneScape before they pushed the EOC update. In other words, it's the best RS2 can ever be!

We are also loading the Rs3 cache revision! It is simply a fact that we are both on latest RS2 protocol build while loading latest RS3 data while of course still offering the most epic custom content.

Aster is 718 PRE-EOC loading RS3.

* Unique Prestige/Rebirth System with different rewards.
* +100 different Daily challenges.
* Real achievements system with rewards.
* Master (120) capes
* Pre-EOC with full off-handing combat system.
* High-tier weapons do have special attacks (ie Noxious weaponry have their special attack like Rs3).
* Over 30 bosses including Full Heart Of Gielinor, AOD, & Telos.
* Rise of the Six
* Kalphite King with all working drygores
* Full Vorago
* Gemstone Dragons
* PvM Points are distributed regarding the difficulty of the bosses, custom PvM points store rewards.
* Celestial Dragons
* +10 minigames including custom minigames(custom minigame 'Damage Per Minute')
* Massive donor zone with several dozens extra features
* Automated Weekend EXP bonus
* Dominion Tower
* Bossing, skilling, legendary pets with leveling up system.
* Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping
* Loot Beam
* Loyalty Titles
* A Journal which tracks all of your in-game points & monster kills
* Full treasure trails.
* High quality end client.


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