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Sürüm Revo Classic
Tür No Customs Active GMs Balanced 2nd Job Low Rate Newbie Friendly Unique
Son Güncelleme02 Jun 2020
Katılım Tarihi02 Jun 2020



Ragnarok Online Re: Load is a free-to-play ragnarok online private server that seeks out to bring you the best and most up-to-date features from Renewal while keeping the Original Classic gameplay experience possible.
Here you can truly enjoy a multitude of Seasonal and Daily Events and New Items. We also provide fully functional Navigation System, Mailing System, Costume System, MVP Rankings, Daily Login Rewards and much more. We have something for everyone so take the chance and forge your own unique unforgerttable adventure with us today!

Server Rates Other Info

Server Type: Revo-Classic
Weekdays EXP Rate: 5x 
Weekends EXP Rate: 7x

Episode: Custom Release
Weekdays Item Drop Rate: 3x

Kick-Start Classes: 2-1 Jobs Only
Weekend Item Drop Rate: 4x

Drop Rate Algorithm: Classic
Weekdays Card Drop Rate: 3x

Exp Rate Algorithm: Classic
Weekend Card Drop Rate: 4x

Aspd & Stats Calculation: Renewal
Weekdays Equip Drop Rate: 3x

Cast time Calculation: Renewal
Weekend Equip Drop Rate: 4x

Types of Casting Time: Variable Casting Time Fixed Casting Time
MVP Item Drop Rate: 1x

Damage Calculation: Renewal
MVP Equip Drop Rate: 1x

Game Protection: Gepard Shield 3.0
MVP Card Drop: Disabled

Main Server Location:
Connection Tunnel 1:
Connection Tunnel 2: Singapore, SEA
Los Angeles, USA
Frankfurt, EU

Contact Us: Facebook Multiple Clients: Disabled
Talk with Us: Discord Auto Trade: Disabled

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