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Web Sayfası old-school.pw
Sürüm 1.4.2
Tür No Gold Needed Free To Play Max Lvl 150 PVP
Konum France
Son Güncelleme28 Oct 2022
Katılım Tarihi28 Oct 2022


Server version: 1.4.1-5
Client version: 1.5.5
Available to play: 3 races | 6 classes
Max Level: 150
Available results: Hell | Paradise | 79 | 100 | Moray
Bugs work
Jeans available
Removed stats: Attack Rating and Defense Rating
Operates Battle of the Dynasty and Clan Hall
Equipment: 99 XX | 95 Moon | 99 GOS | Eighth rank | Fiol equipment up to level 130 | CHD
Stones: 12 Levels | Nuwa Stone | Xuan yuan stone
Flight: 7.0 + speed start


Additional Information
Colored nicknames
Remote services in inventory
Displaying singing, UFU, UMU in the characteristics window
Genie leveling in one click
Disabling flights, styles, color nicknames and textures right in the game
Disable auto-attack
Infinite Transference Rune and Life Card
Rune of Transference and Scroll of Change have a 3 second cooldown.
Instant unbind genie
Meditation gives chi
Switching the interface in the game 1.3.6 -> 1.4.4
Sharpening +12 per click and more