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Support this server more and win some $$$ Ok, I'm in!

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Tür Mid Rates Custom Content 247 Support Custom AutoEvents every
Son Güncelleme28 Feb 2021
Katılım Tarihi28 Feb 2021


Hosting a true Mid Rates Server + Custom Content + 24/7 Support + Mid Rates + PvP + PvE + Custom Maps + Custom Auto-Events every day + Big and fast growing community + All Classes + No overpowered donations + many more things + Join now and join the best!


1.6.0, 6 races, 12 classes, Midrate server; PVE/PVP. R9R3/R8RR Endgame. Balanced gameplay. Custom daily events and quests. Tons of customizations! Vote for gold. No OP donations. Play to win. Join now!