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Tür Free MMORPG Fantasy Pve
Konum France
Son Güncelleme18 May 2023
Katılım Tarihi18 May 2023


Official Website:

Server Detail  EXP x 2  Drop x 2 
Rank Token Extra drop x 1
Level Max Grand Master 10

Server Features:

- Cash items can be traded, such as Lyndon boxes
- Custom pets, many special pets
- Update the latest characters from KGE
- Drop Ancient Stance  in high roulette
- Feso  shop has special items
- no crafting ' Weapon ' Armor ' Accessory 
- World Boss / Field Boss
- Costume alot
- Raid Dungeon 
- Enhancement Upgrade x 2  Example Enhancement Weapon +7 +8 50%

And much more...

Server Language:  English
Hosting Location:  EU