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Tür Browser Free Multiplayer Space Community OGame Combat Competitive Gaming Retro Games
Konum Germany
Son Güncelleme10 Jan 2023
Katılım Tarihi30 Sep 2021


[150+ Player, own modules,active development] After mankind left the earth ages ago and settled on different planets there was silence for a long time and apart from small disputes there was also peace for a long time.
Until what happened, whatever happened. One ran out of raw materials, the other ran out of space. More and more planets poured their resources into armor and began building fleets for small-scale skirmishes. Soon, however, there were huge fleets that were on their way to get what they were not entitled to by force. Some knew how to trade and thus survived. Others won unimaginable space battles and survived, and still others ... went down and fell into oblivion.
Here it's up to you. Grow up to something big and face your opponents to save yours - or go under in the vastness of space.