Star Dream Online

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Tür 2D Fantasy Community Simulation RPG Real Time Multiplayer Mmo 3D Adventure
Konum United States
Son Güncelleme12 Mar 2021
Katılım Tarihi21 Dec 2020


Star Dream Online .Come and join us to explore the fantasy Star Dream World. Website: Discord Server: Star Dream Online (  Server Location: East Coast of United States Server Language: English Server Rate Level Cap: 100 EXP: 10x Drop Rate: 5% Rare Drop Rate: 5% Features There is no pay to win but time to win. Almost everything will drop from monsters. 9 Jobs: Warrior Type: Fighter, Knight, Paladin, & Pistoleer Magic Type: Mage, Sage, Cleric, & M Pistoleer Craft Type: Crafter So many mecha and they are all unique.