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Sıralama762 Random Server
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Vote Oyla
Sürüm eX700
Tür 1000x 60x Balanced Resets Grand Resets PvP WebShop Oldschool Medium Modded
United States
Son Güncelleme12 Mar 2019
Katılım Tarihi23 Nov 2018






UPDATE 1.7.2


- [New] Spots Added and Re-Worked.

- [Changed] Re-worked WCoin(C) Prices:

   - From Webshop.

   - From Cash Shop

   - From VIP Especial Menu.

- [Changed] Re-worked Cash Shop (x-shop):

   - Added new Jewels.

   - Enabled Gift Option.

- [Changed] Re-worked Lucky Coin Exchange

- [Fixed] Lucky Items.

- [Fixed] Some items were taking invisible spaces on inventory.

- [Balance] Kubera Boss Damage and HP.


- Other minor changes.


UPDATE 1.7.1



Our team is working everyday for giving you the best experience, that's why we bring you a brand new Forum granting a new way for discuss bugs, ideas, big announcements and anything you want to talk under the rules and guidelines. Hope you all enjoy :)!


- [New] Forum Available!

- [New] Redzone Website Design!

- [Changed] Max Master Level to 200.

- [Balance] Normal MasterExp x100 and VIP x150.

- [Balance] Arena Monster's Exp.

- [Balance] Doppelganger Event Boss and Reward.

- [Balance] Elf Class and Buffs.

- [Fixed] BuyVip at Especial Menu were not working properly.


- Added New item Available on WebShop:

- Ice Skull Sword (BK, MG, RF)


- Other minor changes.



- [New] Rules and Community Guidelines. (Check "About Us" section)

- [New] New BloodAngel and DarkAngel Sets.

- [Fixed] DL Summon Skill now requires to be same level to teleport.

- [Fixed] Some Ancient Items where not dropping properly.

- [Fixed] Some Ancient Options where not working properly.

- [Fixed] Jewel of Guardian bugging F.O Items.

- [Balance] Nightmare and Selupan Bosses.

- [Balance] PvE Damage and Defense against Bosses.

- [Changed] Skins for some classes when creating new character.


- Added New items Available on WebShop:

- BloodAngel Set (All Classes)

- DarkAngel Set (All Classes)


- Other minor changes.



- [New] Map Kubera's Mine.

    - Kubera now has more Drop Rate of Exc, Ancient and Socket Items.
    - New Boss Kubera and mobs.
    - Boss Kubera has a chance of drop ex700+Luck Items Semi-F.o +4 Sockets.

- [New] Quests "Inventory & Vault Expansions".

    - Quest 1 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Elbeland (55, 199) Reward: Vault Certification

    - Quest 2 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Noria (186, 109) Reward: Magic Backpack.

    - Quest 3 - Wandering Merchant Zyro. Devias (226, 52) Reward: Magic Backpack.

- [New] Ancient combinations.

- [New] Wings S9 can be created during Wing Mix lvl 3.

- [New] Spots added in all maps.

- [New] Violent Wind Set and Stick Skin.

- [New] Uniria Skin.

- [Balance] Jewel of Chaos now is the principal economy of the game.

- [Balance] PvP System.

- [Balance] Lower Drop of Jewel of Chaos.

- [Balance] Higher Drop of Creation and Gemstone.

- [Balance] +10, +11, +12, +13, +14, +15 Chaos Mix now has more chance of success.

- [Balance] Event DoppelGanger

    - HP and Damage from Mobs and Boss.
    - Silver Chest now has more chance of dropping Jewels.
    - Golden Chest now has more chance of dropping S2+Luck Items.

- [Balance] Event Imperial Guardian

    - Map Varka now has more Drop Rate of Exc and Socket Items.
    - HP and Damage from Mobs and Boss.
    - Bosses now have more chance of dropping S4+Luck Items Semi-F.o +4 Sockets.

- [Fix] Custom Bows weren't working properly.

- [Fix] Luck and Skill Option on dropped items.

- [Fix] Socket Options on dropped items.

- Added New Items Available on WebShop:

- Ancient Combinations

    - Mahes Black Dragon
    - Bes Eclipse
    - Serket Iris
    - Apis Valiant
    - Hapy Ancient
    - Khons Dark Steel
    - Horus Holy Storm
    - Bragi Dark Phoenix
    - Alvis Grand Soul
    - Frigg Holy Spirit
    - Tyr Thunder Hawk
    - Surt Glorious
    - Elune Demonic
    - Magni Piercing

- Divine Crossbow of Archangel (Elf)

- Frost Fighter Set (Rage Fighter)

- Bloody Dragon Set (Rage Fighter)

- Other minor changes


UPDATE 1.5.1

- [New] Store now only will be Available to open in Loren-Market.

- [Balance] Exp x1000.

- [Balance] WebShop Prices and WCoinC earned in-game.

- [Balance] Drop of Jewels in-game.

- [Balance] Wing Mix in Chaos Machine now has more probability of success.

- [Balance] Dark Raven and Dark Horse now has more defense and life.

- [Balance] Golden Monsters were too overpowered.

- [Fix] Skill Penetration and Triple-Shot didn't worked properly.

- [Fix] Drop Medusa and Kanturu Ruin Event Bosses.

- [Fix] Items Ancient now has a chance to drop with Luck-Skill.

- [Fix] Items S4+ now drops with empty sockets.

- [Fix] Stun Skill from Monsters now slows down.

- Added New Items Available on WebShop:

- (19) Shields

- Awakening weapons: (2) Swords - (1) Maces - (1) Bows - (2) Staffs

- (3) Wings

- Other minor changes



- [Fix] Client Crash issue after logging in.

- [Fix] Tickets doesn't fuction properly. 

- [Fix] Experience didn't worked properly with 2+ party users.

- [Fix] Swell Life Skill didn't worked properly in party.

- Added New Items Available on WebShop:

- (20) Sets

- (7) Swords

- (4) Maces

- (3) Bows

- (8) Staffs



- Command /reset Activated

- Command /mreset Now gives you 2.000 WCoinC for free!

- Added New Items Available on WebShop:

(11) Sets - (7) Swords - (2) Axes - (4) Maces - (2) Spears - (3) Bows - (5) Staffs - (7) Shields - (13) Wings

and much more!

- New Skin for Set Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Storm Crow and Dragon Knight!

- New Skin for Sword Rune Blade and Bone Blade

- New Skin for Wizard Scroll

- New Skin for Golden Fenrir

- New Skin for Dark Horse

- New Skin for Dinorant

- New Interface Add-Ons

- New Map Style Added (Tab Button)

- New Map Names

- New Arena Monsters

- Other minor changes


- Dark Wizard - Soul Master - Grand Master

- Dark Knight - Blade Knight - Blade Master

- Fairy Elf - Muse Elf - High Elf

- Summoner - Bloody Summoner - Dimension Summoner

- Magic Gladiator - Duel Master

- Dark Lord - Lord Emperor

- Rage Fighter - Fist Master




We thank you for supporting us!

That's why we bring you a new shop to spend your earned WCoinC and GoblinPoint.

You can enter by logging in and pressing the "WebShop" button at the bottom of the UserCP.

Or by pressing Here.



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