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Sürüm season 18
Konum Canada
Son Güncelleme25 Jan 2023
Katılım Tarihi19 Jan 2023


Our Play To Earn (P2E) system will be based on several other Play To Earn (P2E) games where our admin team has been playing for 4 years, we don't want our players to have the same discouragement that we have in other games we play on this same theme, so we have several ideas to improve this Play To Earn (P2E) system on our server, with an Ultra Hard (P2E) server system it will work as follows,

1- with the difficulty of obtaining items such as jewelry sets and etc... there will be more demand to purchase items on our Marketplace

2- with difficulty leveling characters there will be more demand for purchasing characters in our Marketplace

3- since the server is Ultra Hard, there will be the possibility of increasing the value of the Marketplace in general

4- this way you will be able to make money selling items in general and your characters as well

5- the sale of character you will only be able to sell your character so your account remains with you

6- you selling your character or items will receive a currency in game and this currency can be exchanged for real money