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Discord Discord
Sürüm Season 16
Tür 50x
Son Güncelleme01 Oct 2021
Katılım Tarihi06 Sep 2021


19:00 - Moscow,Ukraine,Moldova,Latvia,Greece, Turkey,East Europe

18:00 - Poland,Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy

20:00 - Azerbaijan

23:00 - Vietnam, Thailand

00:00 - Philippines

Experience x50-x15 ( Premium +30%)

Master Experience x50 (Premium +100%)
Drop 20% ( Premium +30%)
Maximum Stats : 14700
Maximum Level : 400
Maximum Reset : 25
Maximum Grand Reset : 99
Maxmimum Master Level : 900
Create Guild 250 lvl
Max Guild Member : 10
X Shop 7 days later ( Items after the siege )
Easy Donat for server support, without top items,the best crafts and things only in the game way

No exp X Shop, No F.O items Donate.

We have been thinking for a long time about how to make o
ur server so that you can enjoy the game.
And we came to the conclusion that the most interesting game is a game without a Full Opt Item.
After all, what could be more exciting than trading and exchanging item for item, as it was at the dawn of the MuOnline game, busy spots in Atlans and Tarkan, the first wings on the server, the first Reset?