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Web Sayfası
Sürüm 97 97d97i 97d99i
Konum Turkey
Son Güncelleme04 Jul 2021
Katılım Tarihi04 Jul 2021


Psychic Doom Server VERSION: 97D WEB: Exp: 1000x Drop:40% Level Maximo: 350 Puntos por Resets: 250   level:5/7   Max Stats: 32767  Servidor 0% LAG!   Servidor 100% DURADERO!  ONLINE 24/7 I invite all takers who like old "mu" to play with us, we offer all kinds of help and much more, I encourage everyone to play because it is one of the best servers that have been created so far, this server will survive so join us now !!! old psychic-doom flavored