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Web Sayfası Web Sayfası
Discord Discord
Sürüm Season 14
Tür 200x Max Reset 60
Son Güncelleme10 Jun 2021
Katılım Tarihi10 Jun 2021


Basic server info:

Version: Season 14

Experience Regular / Master: 200x / 200x

Max Level Regular / Master: 400 / 650

Balanced bosses and map spots

Custom New Jewels

Unique boss and Event rewards

Many cool ingame Events

PvP and PvE class balance

Elf Soldier Max Resets: 5

Web Market: Buy, Sell, Trade Items

In Game: Antihack, Offstore, Offlevel

Exp Increased in all levels of BC, DS: +10%

Chance for Ancient item drop in BC (3-7)

Chance for Condor Flame drop in DS (3-7)

Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations

Monsters and Boss Power Adjusted



400lvl in game type: /reset, costs 1kk zen * Reset


Resets | Grand Resets | Experience | Rewards:

1. Reset & Experience:

🔵 Reset 0-20:
Experience: 200x


🔵 Reset 21-40:
Experience: 100x


🔵 Reset 41-60:
Experience: 50x


🔵 Grand Reset From 60 resets:
Resets and Stats burns
Reset Reward: 9000 Credits


2. Stat Points:

✅ Reset 0-20: 800 Points

✅ Reset 21-40: 700 Points

✅ Reset 41-60: 500 Points


3. Rewards:

✅ Reset: 10 Wcoins
✅ Grand Resets: 9000 Credits


Command for Reset in game: /reset

Grand Reset from website


Much more to explore ingame ...

For more info check detailed Game Guides which include all necessary information!