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Web Sayfası Web Sayfası
Discord Discord
Sürüm Season 16
Tür Custom PVP PVM Bosses MU Online Muonline 5000x 50
United States
Son Güncelleme04 Mar 2021
Katılım Tarihi08 Jan 2021



Welcome to AscensionMU Season 16 EP1-3 (💻)
The AscensionMU server, brings many new features and a different style of play!
For those players looking for a more difficult and ferocious style of play.
The HARD server gives you the chance to get good gear just by playing! Including custom tier sets, and custom tier bosses! and much more!

Server information # 📣

- » Version: Season16 EP 1-3
- » Experience Normal: 5000x
- » Experience Master: 50x
- » Drop: 50%
- » Reset: On website, keep stats
- » Game Style: Farm

What's new in version # 📝

-» New character: Gun Crusher
-» New Items: Many items have been changed
-» New maps: Byssal / Scorched Canyon / Temple of Anil
-» New Mastery equipment: Manticore and Silver heart Weapons
-» New Excellent item evolution system!
-» New Earring Features
-» New Elite monsters!
-» New Necklace items (Sockets with Excellent options)

Server Customizations # 🔧

-» Tier sets
-» Tier bosses
-» Wing change for classes
-» Custom Socket Item Drop [Choose how to drop each item randomly from 1 to 5 random options].
-» Custom new Invasion [New custom invasions by map].
-» Custom new Starting character reward [Start new characters with items, pets and or time stamps].
-» Custom game spots [All server spawns marked in the" TAB "key].
-» Custom new invasion for high players
-» Custom Game client coin [Possibility of selling new personalized currencies. [WCoin by WCoin].
-» Custom new features for all events reward