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Discord Discord
Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled
Sürüm 1.8 1.16 1.17 1.18 1.19
Tür Classic Prison Op prison Prison pvp Arena Pvp Custom Mobs Mob Arena Custom Enchants Custom Items Custom MiniGames
Konum United States
Son Güncelleme28 May 2023
Katılım Tarihi28 May 2023


This the start of a Prison Server that will not fail to impress. The start of exploring ideas past just mindlessly mining blocks. This is Najee Prisons. A custom Prison Server featuring so many wonderful features one could sit here forever describing them. Offering a variety of activities other than Prison such as, Custom Pets, Mob Arenas, Wave-Based (pve fights), custom enchants, exploding rewards for certain actions, Upgradeable Kits, and a non pay to win friendly environment ready to welcome you! Of course we can sit here all day and give you reasons to join but you've read enough. Stop right on by and give a try yourself :D