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Durum Online
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Sürüm 1.19.4
Tür Pve Survival Survival Custom MiniGames Custom Enchants Vote Rewards Arena Pvp
Konum Sri Lanka
Son Güncelleme01 May 2023
Katılım Tarihi01 May 2023


Introducing Amethyst Community ,A newly released Minecraft server in Sri Lanka. This is a Cracked Minecraft server! Open to both Regular and Cracked players.
You can play Hard mode survival with latest Slime Fun update.
We have great admins and friendly staff support all the time. 
Come and take a experience with us. 

• Version 1.19.4 (Can Join from Any Version)
• Hard mode Survival
• SlimeFun 4 latest updates
• Custom enchantments
• Mini Games
• Bed Wars
• Unique Server Shop
• Bank System and Auction House
• Rank system with cool features
• 24 hours active staff/discord
• 24/7 online lag-free experience
• PvP arena and much more cool warps
• Bedrock SUPPORTED!

And more in FUTURE..

Website -
Store -


• Java (PC) -
• Bedrock (mobile)-

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 Facebook -
 YouTube -

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