Poseidon Survival

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Tür Adult Classic Community Competitive Cool Survival PVP PVE Custom Hard Server
Son Güncelleme10 Apr 2023
Katılım Tarihi10 Apr 2023


Vanilla Survival server on Hard Difficulty with the below modifications:
New blocks and mobs are available.
Mobs are stronger than the usual Mobs.
Monsters don't burn in the sunlight.
Spiders attack no matter what.
Giants and Illusioner do spawn.
Glow Squid, Illusioner, and Giant do attack.
Blazes and Endermen do not get water damage outside their respective world.
Creeppers have secret features.
Economy based on Gold.
Claiming system based on how much gold you have.
Flying with Gold.
There are rules, but they are very reasonable.
We don't have and we don't need staff.