The Bruh Club

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Discord Discord
Durum Online
Son Ping11 minutes 12 seconds ago
Sürüm Latest 1.20 1.20.x
Tür Semi Vanilla Multiplayer Survival SMP
Konum United States
Son Güncelleme16 Jun 2023
Katılım Tarihi18 Mar 2023


Come on down to The Bruh Club for your 1.20 playthrough for a taste of a refreshingly close-knit community, welcoming players and staff, a brand new map expansion, and a lag-free Minecrafting experience! Some features of The Bruh Club include, but are not limited to:

- Enhanced Survival 1.20
- Bedrock or Java compatible
- Economy including jobs and auction house
- 60k x 60k world size
- End resets
- Hard difficulty
- Elevators
- Crates
- Custom Enchants
- Voting Rewards
- Server store with ranks and other perks for purchase
- Discord Community

Come on down to funky town and join the The Bruh Club!
IP (Java or Bedrock):
Version: 1.20



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