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Sürüm 1.19.30
Tür Casual Survival Arena Pvp Parkour Adventure Vanilla
United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme02 Feb 2023
Katılım Tarihi02 Feb 2023


Welcome Minecraft Player!

Amity SMP is a latest version minecraft survival multiplayer server (java) and is an awesome way for players, who love to build and express their creativity, to share their work with others without the worry of it being destroyed (Protection Cubes)

The server is currently hosted in London; has a high render distance limit, no lag, no bugs and no cheaters

This discord server is the main hub, although there is in-game chat

Amity SMP also adds tonnes of bonus features to vanilla minecraft without the need for mods!

The world is dangerous with PVP allowed and unprotected areas can be destroyed

The overworld, end and aether have are radius of 32000 blocks, whereas the nether has a radius of 4000 blocks
None of the 4 dimensions will reset until a major minecraft update when terrain generation changes and a new world has to be generated

Spawn is a protected area with a ♖ VIP lounge, parkour course, PVP arena, end portal, player head wall, protection cube trader, special potion trader, relic trader and beautiful scenery

The main island in the end has PVP disabled, ender protection cubes won't work here

Admins manage the server and enforce rules. Developers code plugins/datapacks to add and fix content. Both have free ♗ MVP for their work

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