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Durum Online
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Sürüm 1.16.x 1.17.x 1.18.x 1.19.x
Tür pvp Box boxpvp custom Custom Coded Custom Map Custom Bosses Custom Mobs Arena Pvp Custom Plugins
Son Güncelleme17 May 2023
Katılım Tarihi11 Dec 2022


**ASTROBOX** IP: Versions: 1.16-1.19.4 Discord: Looking for a fully customized box experience? Look no further than AstroBox! With almost everything being custom, this server offers an addictive and enjoyable place to battle with friends and other players! Here are some of the features of AstroBoxMC:

- Medium Sized Box

- Space themed Map (Planets, UFOs, space ships, aliens, so much more!)

- Custom Mobs

- Custom Armor

- Custom Tools

- Custom Loot

- Custom Drops

- Custom Blocks

- JetPacks

- King Of The Hill (KOTH)

- Afk Area - Create Teams

- Noobie Protection

- Starter kits

And so much more! Join now and start grinding!

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