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Durum Online
Son Ping17 seconds ago
Sürüm 1.19 1.18
Tür Semi Vanilla Semi Anarchy
Son Güncelleme05 Sep 2022
Katılım Tarihi05 Sep 2022


We are a very new Minecraft community just beginning. We are looking to grow and have a thriving community. We host an Anarchy experience without the toxicity and the hacking but keeping the segment of griefing, stealing, and PvP. We also have a friendly Staff Team who are happy to help you out with Player Reports, Lost Items due to bugs, and any other issues you may have!

Server IP:

↓ - (Any Moderation & Other necessary Plugins/Datapacks are not included in this list.) - ↓

Plugin List:

• SimpleTPA


• DiscordSRV

• ViaVersion + ViaRewind

• LuckPerms

• WorldGuard + CoreProtect (In case of any cheaters)

• Player Heads

• Multiplayer Sleep

Data Packs:

• Coordinates HUD → All the commands are listed in the ┃information tab on discord! ← 

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