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Durum Online
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Tür Factions Elitemobs Skills Custom Enchants Custom Bosses
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Welcome to Project Gringor! What is PG? It's a server project using EliteMobs Plugin. We base our server around this plugin, but we try to add our own twist with it. In the past, player bases were established on Skyblock Islands and you got resources from the resource world. You had the option of creating a guild and transform those islands into a guild base. With the new release of Gringor Factions, changes were made. Guilds were removed and instead of having Islands, player bases are now in the resource world (Faction World). This forces the resource world to be the main world for players to establish their bases. Made these changes to try and encourage more PvP and loot hunting. Everything else from the past is still the same. Past player stats from the Skyblock version will be lost. We replaced McMMO for Aurelium Skills, this plugin is almost too perfect for EliteMobs. The plugin is already well received by players and a lot of Members of the MC community.

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