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Sürüm 1.19
Tür Survival smp Adventure Amazing Community
Konum United States
Son Güncelleme09 Jun 2023
Katılım Tarihi07 Jul 2022


🚀🌙🍪 Welcome to LunarCookies! 🍪🌙🚀

Welcome to the 🌟 most incredible Minecraft server out there, where you can embark on an adventure that's truly out of this world! 🚀 Our server is expertly crafted to provide players with the ultimate Minecraft experience, boasting an impressive range of features that are bound to leave you spellbound. Our server is jam-packed with features that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of Minecraft players. 🤩 Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or just starting out on your journey, our server has something exciting in store for everyone. ⚒️

Here are just a few reasons why LunarCookies is the best Minecraft server around:

- 🌄 Custom terrain generation - Explore a world that's as unique as you are!
- 🎁 Over 500+ custom enchants - Customize your gear to be the ultimate Minecraft player!
- 🏪 Player-based shops - Buy and sell with your fellow players to become the richest person in town!
- 💰 NON PAY TO WIN - No need to spend a penny to become the best player on the server! (But cool cosmetic system!)
- 🔒 Advanced cheater protection - Play fair and square with our state-of-the-art cheat detection system!
- 📱 Entirely GUI-based - No need to remember complicated commands!
- 💄 TONS of cosmetics to choose from - Look your best while dominating the competition!
- ⚔️ Competitive and difficult leveling system - Become the most powerful player of ALL TIME!