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United States
Son Güncelleme27 Nov 2022
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Eqdreams is open to everybody your dreams will come true if you join. Please use Optifine for more textures (don't need to use it)

We have a realistic equine plugin, which means the horses can get sick they're eating/drinking their hay and water. They need food, care, and vaccines so that they don't get sick . This also means they pee and poop, just like in real life!

We have a Rosette Shop, tack and Tailor Feed Shop and will come more in the future. We're currently building a rescue Barn for the animals who need to get rescued. 

You'll get a beginner horse with your choice What do I mean about that? You can choose: Gender, Breed, Coat color, and even Coat patterns. The coat patterns are listed in our discord server in the server announcement channel for those who don't have a horse in Real life and don't know what the color pattern is. You will get a beginner box along with starting Money. 

We don't have an online Shop like any other eq servers.We are only ran by donations, this means no pay to win! You can play till your heart desires. We have nice staff members which they're very active and almost every day online on the server and also online on discord voice chat. If you have any questions please join our discord!

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