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Tür Vanilla Survival Whitelist Family Friendly Adult
United States
Son Güncelleme18 Apr 2022
Katılım Tarihi18 Apr 2022


The server where the fun never stops and the laughs never die.
Come join this amazing server and be amongst a community full of creative and welcoming players. Explore this fantastic new 1.18 terrain with new friends as you build, laugh, and mine your way through this amazing world!

Want to bring out your inner salesman? Then join our server and make your very own shop at our community Shopping District! The price to build on the land is one diamond block for every 100 blocks (10x10). Give us a deal that we simply can’t refuse!

SoloSurvival is a vanilla server with a few Data-packs that modify various features of the game, but nothing that breaks the game as a whole. We strive to be able to play normal vanilla Minecraft. The Data-Packs are used only to improve the quality of our fellow players' games.

This server is whitelisted and has a slight age restriction to ensure that we have a mature community that fits well together. To find the applications for being whitelisted onto the server please go onto our discord.

Please be sure to note that there will be no Griefing, Hacking, or Killing of other players (Unless given permission) on this server, Doing so will result in a ban.

We look forward to seeing you on the server!

For any questions you can either comment, send a message on discord, or Shoot us an email at [email protected]