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Durum Unknown
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Sürüm 1.18.2
Tür PvP Survival noreset Gui Shop LootCrates Skills Abilities Custom Enchants Auction bank
Son Güncelleme09 Jun 2022
Katılım Tarihi19 Mar 2022


About: Nomisma is a Non Minigame Enchanted Survival for players who want more out of vanilla Minecraft by adding a more fantasy style aspect with 15 Skills, full magic, Shops, Clue Scrolls, House Furniture, Custom Weapons Shields, Player Events and Chat Minigames. We dont focus on mass farming and selling items to get ahead all tough this option is still available to you, Money is earned in a form of a score for what you do and not to be gained by sitting at a farm AFK but by playing the game hands on.

  • -Chat Games (Rewards) If Your First To Answer
  • -350 Custom House Items
  • -Thirst Mechanic
  • -46 Custom Weapons And Shields
  • -Player Events 1st 2nd And 3rd Prizes
  • -Casino 13 Gui Minigames
  • -Shops
  • -Magic With 150+ Fully Configured Spells More Info
  • -15 Skills With Balanced Level Scaled Mobs
  • -220+ Custom Enchants Not Held In Crates Anyone Can Access
  • -PVP Enabled but have a safe spawn
  • -Towny Wars
  • -Do What You Want
  • -Towny With GUI /tgui
  • -Bank for Items/Money/Exp
  • -Clue Scrolls
  • -Daily, Weekly And Monthly Challenges
  • -Resource World, Resets Monthly
  • -Auction House With Beautiful And Easy To Use Gui
  • -5 Leveled Task Jobs - more TBH
  • -Spartan Anticheat
  • -Never Resetting Map
  • -Discord:

Things To Know: No TPA, Spawn Town is on a protected Island at 0 0, /warp spawn

There are 15 skills, each of which has a unique combination of two stats that it rewards. Level up skills by gaining XP by doing certain actions depending on the skill. All skills are easily viewable in GUI inventory menus, accessible using /skills.

  • Farming - Harvest crops to earn Farming XP
  • Foraging - Cut trees to earn Foraging XP
  • Mining - Mine stone and ores to earn Mining XP
  • Fishing - Catch fish to earn Fishing XP
  • Excavation - Dig with a shovel to earn Excavation XP
  • Archery - Shoot mobs and players with a bow to earn Archery XP
  • Defense - Take damage from entities to earn Defense XP
  • Fighting - Fight mobs with melee weapons to earn Fighting XP
  • Endurance - Walk and run to earn Endurance XP
  • Agility - Jump and take fall damage to earn Agility XP
  • Alchemy - Brew potions to earn Alchemy XP
  • Enchanting - Enchant items and books to earn Enchanting XP
  • Sorcery - Use mana abilities to earn Sorcery XP
  • Healing - Drink and splash potions to earn Healing XP
  • Forging - Combine and apply books in an anvil to earn Forging XP

There are 6 stats that buff the player:

  • Strength ➽ Increases attack damage
  • Health ❤ Increases max health
  • Regeneration ❥ Increases health and mana regen speed
  • Luck ☘ Increases luck attribute and double drop chance for common blocks
  • Wisdom ✿ Increases experience gain, max mana, and decreases anvil costs
  • Toughness ✦ Reduces incoming damage
  • To View Your Stats Use /Stats

[​No Cheating = ​No Hacking], [​No Racial Slur] [​No AutoClickers] -- Java 1.18.2
Can't Join?? To Play Make Sure You Enable The Server Resource Pack When Adding The Server, If You Didnt Click The Server Then Click Edit Then Enable Server Resource pack Then Try Join Again