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Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled
Sürüm Latest
Tür Multiplayer Survival FullPvP Economy Custom Enchants Land Claim Custom Mobs
United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme31 Dec 2021
Katılım Tarihi31 Dec 2021


The VoxelSMP is a new server with a fresh outlook on how an SMP should be played

Opening on the 1st January 2022 we aim to achieve a unique experience and offer something to all types of players.

Want to gear up, team up and fight other in-game guilds or players? Use our Custom enchants to get the most out of PVP. Want to build a nice house far from civilization and not be bothered? Use our innovative easy to use claiming system and decorative heads the server offers. Want something new to explore other than the brand new 1.18.1 world generation? Explore the labyrinth under spawn to fight and find exceptional loot as well as grinding mobs for drops.

The VoxelSMP has everything a player can want. Why wait? Join today!