Potato Craft

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Discord Discord
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Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled
Sürüm 1.16.5
Tür AntiGrief Bedrock Java FullPvP Faction Survival Factions Rpg Economy Trading Towny
Son Güncelleme26 Apr 2021
Katılım Tarihi26 Apr 2021


Potato Craft has been running a private server for a few years. However, we just got a new Developer (Me) and are making massive upgrades to the server. We are looking for any players willing to provide feedback and help us make Potato Craft the best it can be the end goal is to provide an incredibly enjoyable SMP experience with RPG elements while we aren't there, yet we are making massive strides and now need feedback from a wider player base.

A few reasons you will enjoy Potato Craft:

Player to Player Trading
A Global player Market
NPC Traders at spawn
Vein Miner
Active Moderators
New and exciting features sometimes daily!
A fully built custom spawn
Java & Bedrock support
Discord - discord.gg/2axaggu2wa
AFK protection (Player only)
Server Stability (We have been running the server for years it's not going anywhere)
Friendly / Welcoming community
Server management that listen to the players feedback and acts upon it
Responsible management of Server TPS / Performance.
Redstone Allowed
Regular update posts and feedback requests - https://potatocraftupdate.blogspot.com

Factions and land claiming!
and Much Much Much More!

We know there are a lot of MC servers out there but whether you chose to come play on Potato Craft or not we hope you have fun out there and if you do come on and have any feedback or ideas we would love to hear it.