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Durum Unknown
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Sürüm Latest 1.16.x 1.17 1.9.x 1.8.x
Tür Earth Towny Survival Balanced Economy crossplay Factions Discord Roleplay Friendly Paper
Son Güncelleme03 Oct 2021
Katılım Tarihi12 Apr 2021


**EarthCraft MC Bedrock and Java Crossplay Geopolitical Earth Towny Server!**

> **EarthCraft** is a Minecraft Crossplay Bedrock and Java Edition Earth Towny Server like EarthMC/SMPEarth!
> EarthCraft is a Earth-Geopolitical-Towny-SMP on a 1:1000 (1 Meter = 1000 Blocks) Scaled Earth Map and with Towny you can Create Nations, Colonise, Wage Wars and Conquer! It also has some Additions to make the SMP Server more Fun such as a Live Dynmap that shows all Claims on the Earth and Players Online, MCMMO and alot more Custom things. It's on a Dedicated 24/7 Server with No-Lag! and also has a Dedicated Friendly Community. As I said it is Crossplay Meaning Bedrock, Java etc can Join in the same Server!


> Slimefun                         Towny
> mcMMO                            Jobs
> Balanced Economy                 Pets
> Player Shops                     Player Warps
> Art Competitions                 Secure Trading                   
> Vehicles                            900+ Quests
> Custom Fishing                   Marriages  
> Custom Mining                   Guns

           **EarthCraft Java X Bedrock Crossplay!**
(Supports all Devices such as Console etc)

`We are looking for Anyone to Join!`

> **Website:** >
> **Guide:** >
> **Discord:** >
> **Wiki:**
> **Store:** >
> **Live Dynmap:** >

> **Java IP:**

> **Bedrock IP:**
> **Bedrock Port:** 19132