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Durum Online
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Tür Skyblock Survival Vote Rewards Chill Community Parkour Friendly staff
United States
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A small community based skyblock and survival server. Come chat and make some friends! We range from 14 to 50 from all over the world. Stays updated with the current minecraft version but can join with older versions. Experienced staff ready to help, in game or in our discord :)
»New daily quests each day
»Twerk on trees to make them grow
»Craft armored elytras and elevators
»Lock chests and use them to suck up items dropped around them
»Ingame shop, player shops, auction house
»Bank your xp so you never have to worry about losing it
»Upgradable Ore gen
»Nether & End islands
»Customizable Armour stands
»Perks Shop with backpacks, /feed, treefeller and more!

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